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Within a week after the story's appearance in print the ship was seen at no less than ten different parts of the State. The airship was next seen near Omaha, about a fortnight ago. There other people eaw in the heavens what they believed to be a flying machine, and their hallucinations were all duly chronicled and sent broadcast over the country. The newspapers in Chicago gradually uura up vviiii air snip news,, vvuiiii uuuiiy increased until it took a department by itself and a special editor.

Several points in Indiana and Michigan supplied one air ship story each night, and from the town of Crown Point, Ind. Shall I send story? Meanwhile the people of Chicago had become violently interested in the air ship, and thousands of them swept the heavens every night with the naked eye, opera glasses or telescopes. Their gaze encountered high up the sky a brilliant white light, which shimmered and wavered, moving with a perceptible motion.

Attorney Max L. Kasmar, secretary of the Chicago Aeronautical Society, now comes forth with his official sanction, and insists that the air ship is dream. The end of the trip is to be at Washington, D'. The car contains three persons, and I know one of them.

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There is the customary inflated gas reservoir, but the Inventors have discovered the secret of practical propulsion. The only new feature of the propulsion is the fact that the posterior of the nropeller I is flexible and elastic, while the anterior is rigid. The fans have a peculiar twisting motion. President Octave Chanute with other wealthy men have furnished thp money for the venture.

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Not a few take stock in Mr. Kasmar's story, and a fair portion of Chicago's population really believe that an air ship has been hovering over the city for the past three nights. However, the scientists of the Chicago and Northwestern universities will have none of it. Instead of the strange light In the heavens being a flying machine they insist it is a tramp star, by name Alpha Orionis.

George W. Hough, professor of astronomy at the Northwestern University, said to-night: "The star's appearance of flight is due to the fact that it lies comparatively close to the horizon, and the earth in its rapid axial movement creates the optical illusion that the star is in motion, as it constantly changes its position in the heavens. The marked peculiarity of this star lies in its colors. The lower section is blue, above that a pronounced reddish hue, and above the latter hue merges into a lustrous white.

This variation of colors and their apparent shiftings give rise to the impression of different lights, but all come from the same star. Amelia Parrell, suffering with what seems to be religious.

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Farrell had deserted her home. She felt, she said, it was her duty to save souls. Her husband, learning where she was, sent a telegram to her, telling her their daughter was ill at the hospital, and she went there. Henry M. Farrell is a teacher in Grammar School No. His wife is a matronly woman, forty-six years old. With their three children they live at No.

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Farrell lately has been constantly attending one' or the other of the missions ermdneted hv Colonel Hadlpv of St. Rnr tholomew's Mission. She first heard Colonel Hadley at St. James's Church, on upper Madison avenue, which she attended. She Sunday at the It was estimated yesterday that lot side Park. Since the announcement th; anniversary of Grant's birthday, April lng place has increased to a wonderful owners of horses and carriages have n: most beautiful in the United States, but pedestrians, the most of whom were in to view the parades on land and sea.

On March 20 last Mrs. Farrell told her husband she felt bound to go out into the world to save sinners. After her husband's reproof Mrs.

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Farrell left her home. Farrell and his friends vainly searched for her until yesterday, when a friend saw her In the mission house conducted by Colonel Hadley, No. Far; roll. Farrcll's j mania and then sent a telegram to his wife I at the mission house, telling her theh i daughter was ill at Bellevue. Farrell 1 had a certificate by Dr. Scratchley and Dr. Kindred, No.

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Farrell went to the hospital at With her was a roughly dressed old man, whom she called "Uncle Saul. Take him away. Morgan Dix, Mr. Farrell said Ills wife once tried to do bodily harm to their daughter Anna, a school teacher. Shrieking and struggling, the unhappy woman was taken to the insane pavilion. Colonel Hadley said last night, he did not know her; that his attention was called to her in the mission house on Twentieth street, where she became hysterical one Sunday. Von Steplinn. Berlin, April ? Funeral services ovet the late Dr.

Most of the foreign diplomats were present, among them Mr. Uhl, representing the United States. Plans Arranged to Borrow a Large Sum? Will Ask the People of Greece for the Money. Athens, April 11?

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A telegram from Lnrissa says that the roar of artillery can be plainly heard there. It comes from the direction of Karya, where Siusinikos, the Grant Monumsnt. Heretofore only bicycle riders and iade a practice of visiting the spot, one of the yesterday the majority of visitors were quest of advantageous positions from which Macedonian chief, and his band of insur. When the attack on the Turks began last i week, strict orders were sent to all the j j Greek outposts on the frontier to preserve I neutrality and not to open fire until actually attacked by the Turks.

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The only casualties reported here are the deaths of two leaders and three Italians. Reinforcements for Greeks. I General Mnkris and his staff, with some knowledge of the movements afoot, left yesterday for Tyrnavos, the most important I Greek position near Elassona. Four bat.

At headquarters they tloo'nro. A prominent Greek, who is evidently in close touch with the insurgents and their pians, said: "Years of frightful suffering and uunum bered crimes and tyrannies have been forced upon those who are our kinsmen by faith aaid blood in those countries which are under Turkish rule and we are pledged in the most solemn way and inspired by the most sacred and ennobling principles of liberty to do al!

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The president of the Boule the Greek legislative chamber has convened a special session to pass measures imperatively needed. It is understood that an internal loan of 20,, drachmas is under consideration and that the Government is now negotiating with the banks for that amount. Regent of MecUleiilmrjf-Seliwerin. Cannes, April 11,? Duke Johanu Al: breeht Sehwerin, the brother of the late Grand Duke of Mecklcnburg-Scljwerin, lias assumed the regency of the grand duchy. It is now known that the death of the late Grand Duke was due to aneurism of the heart.

Atlanta, April ? If the sentence of the Court Is executed, as now seems Inevitable, Mrs. Elizabeth Nobles, a white woman, will be hanged at Jeffersonville, Twiggs County, on Friday, the 23d, for the' murder of her husband. Gus Fambles is to die on the same day for the same crime. For eighteen months a determined effort has been made to stay the execution and to save Georgia the stigma, as it has been iciiucu, ui int?