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Billy Graham had studied the scriptures to the point that he could not keep this life-saving message of unconditional and super-natural love and acceptance to himself. Out of this conviction, Billy Graham shared his faith. Reach daily into scripture and apply the words of Jesus and words of the Apostle Paul to your life.

You will nurture and ground your soul. God will use you. Everybody has stuff. Your life is not all together. Life is sometimes hard for everybody. Be appropriately but profoundly honest. You have got life figured out on your own. The truth is that you believe that Jesus died for all the bad, unexplainable anguish and garbage going on in the world and going on in your life.

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Tell your friend that. They will listen. You are going to invest in people by sharing your spiritual world-view and undeniably, the truth of what you share has the power to transform. When people lean into God-conversations, the possibilities for life-change is incredible.

A Faith Worth Sharing - A Lifetime of Conversations about Christ by C.

You will be offering a peek inside of a heart and mind sold out for God and that is wonderful. Maybe someone will grow to like you but at the same time, will turn you down every time you invite them to church. This person who now trusts you and cares about you too, will possibly always let you talk about your Christianity but never be influenced to take on those views for themselves.

And you know what? The potential conviction of knowing their need for a Saviour might happen in their heart but it just as likely, might not. And while you do, continue to vulnerably invest and also deepen your own faith. God has got this. Not only is Rose a close friend, Rose is a physician, a wife and mother to four, and the host of Intersection , a podcast where she has important, meaningful conversations with people about where real life and faith intersect.

Rose is one of the best I know at having genuine, meaningful conversation in an age when the art of conversation is dying.

A great reminder. Several of these grabbed my attention. Which one catches yours. I am renewed by the encouragement to first let the scripture deal with me.

A Faith Worth Sharing: A Lifetime of Conversations about Christ by C. John Miller

I needed that reminder. Thank you for sharing! These principles are so true and important to remember. Letting that other person dictate when the discussion goes spiritual is important. We drop the seed, they decide if they want to receive it. You talked about starting the conversation by listening and asking probing questions.

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One of the most important things I learned in seminary was how to be an active listener. Thank you for pointing out that all we can do is plant the seed. Accepting that decision on their part builds the trust in the relationship. When a crisis hits them, they will be more likely to turn to you and that is often the opportune moment that they will be more open.


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Thank you for this. I am currently helping a church get back on its feet, the congregation has been diminished to a fragment of what it once was. So many times leaders think they can advertise or come up with some venue that will attract new members and it very well may but it is the relationship that keeps people together.

Look at people as fellow brothers and sisters despite our differences makes all the difference. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share Share the post on social media.

Better yet, private message a friend.

5 Keys To Having Meaningful, Life-Giving Conversations With Non-Christians - codevirrdoldrit.tk

Let me know your thoughts. Often we feel as though we will bother people with a conversation about Jesus when actually people are waiting for us to bother to start a conversation. Chances are your friend will like the video or article and message back. No awkward required! Always remember to be led by the Holy Spirit in conversation.

Ask Him for the right words and the right questions. Sign in. Get started. Judah Kampkes Follow.

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