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I deny the resurrection of Christ every time I do not serve my neighbor. I deny the resurrection every time I walk away from people who are poor. I deny the resurrection every time I participate in a corrupt and unjust system…. But I affirm the resurrection, every now and again, when I stand up for those who are on their knees, when I speak for those who have had their tongues torn out, when I weep for those people who have no more tears left to shed.

That is the Jesus I long to serve alongside people such as yourselves as we make our way to the places where he is still going, those places that cry out even now to know the love and the grace, the hope and the healing, only God can bring… a God who truly does love all the world.

Thank you, Sarah. I could not be there on Sunday, but you reached and challenged and eased my heart. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Don't Stop Believing

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Sarah Buteux preaching. Previous Next. View Larger Image. When or, better yet, where was it that Jesus got righteously angry? We have Jesus claiming that his body is also the temple. Are you with me so far? Good, because here is where it gets a little wiggy. And that person is Jesus. On the cross he is going to show the whole world why the old temple is no longer necessary.

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Is it any wonder that good, loving, intelligent people shy away from Christianity? How can you believe that? Facebook Twitter Email. About the Author: Todd Weir.

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  • Related Posts. Blessed Are Those Who Mourn. How to Be a Good Sinner. The Power of Persistence. What Stops Our Gratitude? One Comment. Peggy Anderson May 21, at pm - Reply. Meaning she has someone coming against her in court, probably regarding the rights of some property.

    Besides losing a spouse she now risks losing her home as well. No one is defending her. He will kick you when you are down, in an attempt to keep you down. He will try to break your trust in God, he will get you believing that God really does not care for you and that all hope is gone. We learned that this judge did not fear God and his response shows. If he was governed by the laws of God surely, he would have recalled the mandate for judges towards widows and acted sooner on her behalf.

    SOLVED! Dont Stop Believing Why Living Like Jesus Is Not Enough

    For example, it became a practice of judges to hear the cases of widows right after the cases of the fatherless. What a great thing to not have to wait in court and hear the other nonsense.

    “Don’t Stop Believing” Rev. Sarah Buteux preaching

    However, we learn rather than pleading her cause this wicked judge refused to give justice, and he refused for some time. So this woman finds herself in a waiting period. I like the persistence of this woman. She realized the source of her help and refused to accept anything less than justice. In other words, I better give her justice because she will not stop asking and she is wearing me out.

    This woman reminds me so much of my little girl. Because of her persistence, because of her unwillingness to quit, because she kept on asking, because she did not give up hope, this woman received justice. Even when her adversary was against her and it seemed hopeless, she did not stop believing. Will he delay long over them? Luke compares this unrighteous judge to the Almighty Supreme righteous judge, God Almighty. The point being, if a wicked judge is able to give justice to a widow that he does not know, How much more would a righteous and Holy God be willing and able to answer the prayers of those whom He loves and has called.

    You are the elect of God.

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    Meaning God chose you before the foundation of the world was laid. He knows you, He is much different than the wicked judge in that He desires a relationship with you. He takes delight in the prayers of His people. Your responsibility is to pray to Him night and day, and do not lose heart. The only way you lose as a believer in Christ is to give up throw in the towel before the race is finished. If you have to walk or even crawl to the finish line, You Must Finish the Race. Every wrong will be made right. Music 2. Collectables 4. Format see all Format. All listings filter applied.

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