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At least once a year, revisit what your chief aim in life is.

Knowing your why is the catalyst to change. But how useful is a GPS without a destination? Your why is your destination. In the end, you are very much creatures of habits. You do millions of things every day without noticing that you are actually doing them. This comes from having done them repeatedly for a certain period of time. Are you out of shape?

Check your habits. Are your relationships toxic? Are you poor? Are you unlucky? Successful people do productive things without even having to think about it. How powerful is that! Comfort is the enemy of adaptability. And according to Charles Darwin, adaptability is what made humans thrive over other species. The more willing you are to adapt to new situations, the more easily reinvention will be for you.


Lesson 3A of 6: Reinventing You After Age 50 Case Study — Michael Ovitz and Developing Validators

Dare travel to the unknown. Dare learn a new language. Dare, dare, dare! Can you change your bad situation by watching Netflix and scrolling through social media every night? No, right? Our genetic baggage favours safety over new experiences. My advice here is to raise your courage, one of the 6 habits in High Performance Habits , by Brendon Burchard.

For me, raising courage came from point 4 below. No single habit has been more valuable in my life than learning 3 new skills every month. In a podcast interview I did, the host made me realize how setting myself up for failure every single month taught me how to 1 raise courage and 2 removed any fear I had of change because whatever happens, I know I can adapt. My friend Rafael Sarandeses went from being a professional car racer to being a financial advisor, an entrepreneur, a professor, and a coach. All that through teaching himself new skills.

My friend John Mashni is a lawyer who produces movies not about law and is a master martial artist. You hate your job? You want to change your life? This is not talked about enough in the self-help business.

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Without being accountable, you procrastinate. Make your goals public. I personally use my writing and my newsletter to keep myself accountable. If I mention something I will do in my articles or newsletter, then I need to follow through otherwise people will lose trust in me. I will lose my integrity.

Sharing your goals with someone makes you accountable and you need to accomplish them to keep your integrity. Trust me, you can reinvent yourself.

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You can change your life for the better. Ask yourself the questions above. Do it for this year, last year, and a few years ago.

Finding a Job After 50: Reinvent Yourself for the 21st Century

Refer to my example in Appendix A. Start with knowing your why, change your habits especially the bad ones , ditch comfort, skill up, and be accountable. That is a recipe for a successful reinvention. You tried before and failed? Pick yourself up and try harder. Others have done it before you. No one said it was going to be easy. Thanks for reading, sharing, and following!

You're going to...

If you want to lead a more skillful life and crush tomorrow like never before, check out SkillUp Academy. Click here to get the free eBook now! Appearance: I started looking like a Viking albeit a skinny one :. Love: My wife and I were in a long-distance relationship. Wealth: I went from having a salary to not making any money as an entrepreneur.

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Purpose: Travel the world and release a successful video game. Faith: Nothing important to note here. Health: I put on 15 pounds of muscles that came in but I maintained most of it. Also, and most importantly, I can now eat onions I had been averse to them for 15 years! Appearance: I have extremely short hair and a much more trimmed beard. And I have my first two tattoos!

Love: My wife and I are back to living together in Montreal. Wealth: I grew to have many sources of revenues, most of which comes from writing which I had never done prior to January Purpose: Help people grow in a better world. Most of that through education disruption. But it is not always like this for every over 50 unemployed, and my heart breaks for every story I read. You are out of touch and well uninformed. If people think it's hard being unemployed when you're 50, try it when you're I was made redundandant in , as a result of the previous government's financial restructuring.

What lights you up?

I'm fortunate in that I get a small pension and the mortgage is all but paid off so I don't have to depend upon what the DWP chooses to pay me, but since I've only managed to find low-paid work or short-term contracts in my own profession. What the programme addressed very well was the demoralisation of those who had had successful careers but were now out of work. Part of me feels I'll never work again and I find it hard to motivate myself to apply for work.

My own profession? I am a qualified careers adviser with over 10 years experience of working with unemployed adults. In the Department of Work and Pensions gave me an award for my work with disabled adults and when inspected my work was always classified as "excellent.

As for Digby Jones' contribution, the world is full of unqualified careers advisers. Nuff said.