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Hi, can i use plain yogurt or butter milk instead of sour cream? Hey Maryam! I have not tried it but I think buttermilk would be the perfect substitute. Let me know how it turns out!! Great question! This cake is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I made half of this recipe and half of your yellow cake using my checkerboard cake tin. I also used buttermilk instead of sour cream as its what i had in my kitchen. The texture of the cake was beautiful. Whaaaat checkerboard cake with my two favorite cakes!! That sounds so fun! Did you take any pictures?

And thanks for coming back to comment Samantha!! Almost afraid to ask, but did you use the same amount of buttermilk as the sour cream calls for? Probably pretty obvious answer. Ok again I am super impressed with another recipe from this webaite. For a novice chef at beat, its super easy to understand and was seriously delicious! But the carrot cake on this website is pretty amazing too! High praise Kim! And I agree, the carrot cake is a close second : Thank you so much for stopping by to leave a comment! You write blogs, you can do it! There are tons of recipes named the best.

Hey Linda!

10 Fancy Chocolate Cake Recipes for Best Friends - DIY Cake Decoration Ideas

Remember when you had to pay for cookbooks to get recipes from strangers? I made cupcakes instead and made a chocolate mint glaze instead of frosting. Dense, rich and cooool!

I know this may take away from some of the chocolate goodness, but is there anyway I can make this recipe with yellow cake instead of chocolate cake? I definitely wanna keep the frosting but was wondering if and how I could change the cake part while still keeping the recipe. Hey Shannon! I honestly have no idea if it would work out.

There is a half cup cocoa. It would be a risk, let me know how it turns out!! Do I use sweetened Cocoa or unsweetened. This cake was very good! The only thing I would do differently is the frosting. It was too rich with 3 sticks of butter. So I made it a second time and only did 1 stick of butter and about 1 cup heavy cream. I kept all the other frosting ingredient amounts the same. It was perfect!!

That is the best! Thanks for the comment! I just put this in the oven now. Thank you so much for sharing…. Thanks for coming back to comment!! Hi hi! Thanks for this recipe! Looks awesome! Can I just check, when you say mix, is it with a whisk by hand or the electric mixer? Hey Agnes! The frosting is way better with a mixer though! If yes, at what speed should I go? And with regards to not over mixing, should I fold with a spatula or is it alright to use the whisk attachment still.

And with folding, yes use a spatula not a whisk. I hope you love the cake Agnes!! One question though, if I was to make it in advance — would a frosted cake freeze well or would it be better to freeze it unfrosted a week before and frost the night before of the event?

The Best Vanilla Cake I've Ever Had | Sally's Baking Addiction

Not sure how the whipping cream in the frosting would react if frozen. As for freezing, I would definitely freeze the cakes without the frosting. Wrap each layer individually as well as you can, and frost the night before the event. You can frost it while the layers are still frozen, it makes it easier anyway, and then let it thaw on the counter. Hope this helps! Thanks for the review! I made this yesterday! I halved the recipe to make a one layer cake. I thought it came out really good! Very moist and fudgy. He read the recipe and the instructions.

It was well worth it.

Top 10: Best Classic Cake Recipes

For the icing I used Godiva milk coco powder and boy it came out great. Ooh love the idea of using milk cocoa powder!

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That would be delicious! Wow, this cake looks so so good and I would love to bake it for my husband,s birthday.

Not sure what to cook?

However, I would make cupcakes instead of a cake… What should I change? Thanks a lot, Gent. Hey Geny! Also if you wanted you could try this recipe for Cream Cheese Chocolate Cupcakes. Excited to try this! Happy Anniversary! Definitely let me know if you try out this cake!

It is literally the cake from my dreams. Hope you love it! Have you made it this way before? I already made it as a 9 inch and it was fabulous! I just wanted to double check on baking times. Hey Jen! So I made it with the 8 inch pans and it came out great!